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You want to help for the hosting cost ?

List of Donators :
- Wolferajd

Upgrade Plan - Cost and ways of improvements

Looking for a particular fursuit, builder, other criterias, or wanting to reference your fursuit ?

Try the fursuit database
You can also have a look in the /Other album in the archive, that's where most of the personnal suits photos are displayed
And the /FursuitVideo/Perso album for videos of personnal suits.
If you still can't find what you are looking for look in the conventions and other events photos.

How to upload ?

    To this photo archive

(upload only if it's fursuit or costumes /mascots related, videos or photos from conventions, your personal creations, commercial stores or misc sources )
All content will be screened before it's put effectively online.

- Connect to the ftp
- If necessary create a directory with the name of the event if it's related to an event (check first if it's not already created). Go into that directory.
- Create a directory using the name you want to be used for the listing.
- Upload your pictures or videos in there
- You can also upload a text file giving out more information, contact infos, remarks, links to your website etc ... if needed

Once you are done uploading or if you don't have the ftp infos email me
(remove the [])

    To the fursuit database

Just create an account on the site
Then start adding your fursuit and infos
That's as easy as that :o)

Other FurryCon Photos Sites

For practical purposes, to avoid having to ask you multiple times for permissions,
and in order to give you a better choice range of servers, interfaces and sorting methods,
Furry Convention pictures uploaded here will be mirrored on the main other sites, it includes but is not limited to:
- Frysco's Image Archive
If you have a problem with that, just specify it in your message :)

Need full web site hosting or a manageable picture gallery ?

- If you need to update often your fursuit photos or think they don't fit well in the fursuit archive I can provide one or more album in the gallery You will get a dedicated account that will allow you to manage your photos and sub albums fully.
- If you need more than just only hosting files, I can provide full website hosting.
if you have a registered domain name it can be hosted too. (I don't host the nameservers though)

if you need one of the above solutions don't hesitate to contact me.
(only serious people)