MTV show "Plushies & Furries"
Another show showing mainly the yiffy aspect in Furry / Fursuiting
If only they wouldn't make it seem that all furries are like that..
Wondering when the media will make a decent show about furry,
or at least if they focus on the yiffy aspect of it, dare to mention it and
not trying to make Furry look as beeing 100% like that?
mtvpart*.avi have been captured and encoded by wuuulf
format is 640x480 divx4 30fps , crisp image quality
if you are patient go for that version ;)

mtvpart1_ogg_dvx505.ogm mtvpart2_ogg_dvx505.ogm mtvpart3_ogg_dvx505.ogm All three files listed above where re-encoded by Daniel For info about how to play ogms see here
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